Q: Which are the subscription packages for Android Games?

A: GameHub has the following subscription packages for Android Game:

1. Daily Auto -9.74TK (with VAT, SD, SC)-1 day access;

2. Weekly Auto-30.44TK (VAT, SD, SC)-7 days access;

3. Weekly (Non-renewal)-30.44TK (VAT, SD, SC) -7 days access.

Q: Who is able to download games?

A: All Robi users with Android phones in Bangladesh can download the games.

 Q: What are the privileges of being a VIP user for Android?

A: With the subscription, the subscriber (VIP) has granted access to all games in GameHub. VIPs are also granted discounts for all in-app purchases.

Q: Can I play my Android Games even if I do not have data?

A: Yes. You can play games via Wi-fi if you don’t have data.

Q: How much are the rates for on-demand Android Games?

A: Users can purchase regular Android games for only 45TK.

Q: How to download the GameHub App?

A: Open the mobile web browser, enter http://game.robi.com.bd, and click download APP.

Q: How to log in?

A: 1. Click the GameHub Android App=>2. Click “Me” =>3.  Click “Log in”=> 4. System will automatically log in if you have logged earlier, or you can enter your mobile number and password to log in.

Q: I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

A: 1. Click “profile” on the bottom right corner =>2.  Click “log in”=>3.  Click “forgot password”=> 4. Enter a new password =>5. Click “confirm”.

Q: What is the process for opting out?

A: User can cancel specific subscriptions by sending keywords: Send “STOP Game1” to 22009 for daily subscription/ “STOP Game7” to 22009 for weekly subscription/“STOP GNA7” to 22009 for weekly non-auto subscription.

    User can also cancel the service by sending deactivation keywords: send “Unsub” to 22009 /send”1111” to 22009/send”Stop all” to 6888 to cancel all the services.

Q: How to contact us?

A: Our hotline is 880-1827595118 (working time: 9am to 6pm). Our service mail box: gamehub.service@gmail.com.