Q: What are the subscription packages for Android Games?

A:GAME HUB has the following subscription packages for Android Game(the price exclusive tax): 1.Daily _6TK(24 hours access); 2.weekly_20TK(7 days access); 3.weekly(non-renewal)_25TK(7 days access)

Q: What Android phones are capable of downloading the games?

A: All Android phones in the Bangladesh market can download the content. Now only robi user can play the games.

Q: What are the perks of being a VIP user for Android?

A: VIP users can avail access to all your downloaded games depending on your package. VIP users can also avail discounts on in-app purchases.

Q: Can I play my Android Games even if I do not have data?

A: Yes, as long as the game you are playing doesn’t require for data usage and can connect to the wifi.

Q: How much are the rates for on-demand Android Games?

A: Users can purchase regular Android games for only 45TK(exclusive tax)

Q: What is the process for opting out?

A: User can send STOP Game1 for daily subscription, STOP Game7 for weekly subscription, STOP GNA7 for weekly non auto subscription to 22009 to cancel specific subscription from VIP club. Appreciate to cancel the services by using SMS deactivation keyword only. Or Send UNSUB to 22009 /stop all to 6888/1111 to 22009 cancel all subscription under the code 22009. Or user can cancel by visiting the App, just click on ME option & cancel the service

Q: I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

A: Click “me ” on the app and Click “ Log out ”=> Click “Forgot Password?”=> enter a New Password then click “CONFIRM”

Q: How to log in

A: Click the GAMEHUB Android App,=>Click “ME” and Click “ Login”=> system will automatic log in if you have log before, otherwise enter the Mobile Number and Password then click “Log in”

Q: How to download the GAMEHUB App?

A: Open the mobile web browser, enter Android Game Mobile Web Portal URL(http://game.robi.com.bd), and click download app or click join vip or click game then choose the app download

Q: how to contact us

A: Our hotline is 01827595118 Our service mail box: gamehub@huawei.com and gamehub.service@gmail.com