Music and Beat

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Basic Information

  • Friendivity Games
  • Music
  • 1.2.1
  • 2017-09-26
  • 86.56MB

About The Game

- Perfect single player From the most important sinks in the music game to the notes of the angle of inclination, the size of the notes, the color of the notes and the background, the classification of the main sub-categories, etc., to respond to the views of enthusiasts, to improve the degree of completion. - A new picture system full of personality Providing a complete system from the complete set to the combination of each screen part of the powerful custom system. Enjoy Music and Beat in your own unique game screen. Each screen with the frenzy level rise, you can see different interesting performances, do not miss oh - the best selection system that focuses on user convenience What is the song of the game? Do not worry again, from 3 notes, 4 notes, 5 notes in accordance with the difficulty of feeling full of fun basic songs, to the latest song, M and B recommended songs, players can see their favorite songs. - can play anytime, anywhere. With the network is not connected to the state can also be free to play the function. In the bus, subway, and even the aircraft can play, anytime, anywhere can play the best rhythm game.

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