Black Hawk Plan

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Basic Information

  • CMGE
  • Action and Adventure
  • 1.0
  • 2017-09-26
  • 44.64MB

About The Game

Get ready to experience the most thrilling air war game. 4 distinct attack helicopters are prepared for you to select one to join an air combat. Challenge specific military targets in each stage. Select the best attack helicopter based on the landform. Launch a strategic military strike to face the enemy’s deployment. Don’t give them any time to rest. We cannot lose the war. We will successfully accomplish the mission with your help. It is time to show off what we are capable of. All troops are ready to launch an attack. 1.The combination of a virtual joystick and gravity sensor allows you to navigate a helicopter flexibly. 2.Each helicopter is armed with machine gun and missiles. The sight bead can help you aim at a target. Tap the corresponding button to fire. 3.You may get items to restore after destroying some military targets. You should make good use of these items.

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